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Indoor contaminants caused by moisture and water damage make people seriously and permanently sick. Moisture-damaged buildings have been stated to cause e.g. changes in the function of the immune system, neurological and cognitive disorders, respiratory and eye infections, depression, damage to internal organs, rheumatic and severe lung diseases, cancer and sensitivity to e.g. chemicals, fragrances, plastics and foods. In some people this exposure causes permanent sensitivity. For people with such a sensitivity it is impossible to remain in most of the buildings, which makes living, working and taking care of daily business considerably difficult.

People diseased by mold do not get support, medical treatment nor social services although their situations are critical and the basic elements of life – home, health, work, studying possibilities and social safety network are ruined. In addition to the loss of health many people have lost their entire properties and belongings, their livelihoods and income and have been misdiagnosed as mentally ill.

We, the signed, demand that:

-symptoms caused by mold and moisture damage are recognized as a real disease. The diseased people must get proper medical treatment. Doctors' knowledge of this matter must be increased and the denouncing of diseased people as mentally ill must be stopped. People showing symptoms in sick buildings must get an official diagnosis, a diagnosis code number and through it an entitlement to sickness allowance, re-education and disability pensions when needed.

-Emergency accommodation must be arranged for heavily exposed people. Mold-free homes and shelters must be arranged where people in the middle of a mold crisis get protection in premises which don't cause symptoms. Their additional exposure results in great expense to society in addition to human suffering.

-People who have become homeless, people who have lost their properties, people who have been incorrectly diagnosed as mentally ill and people with severe diseases because of sick buildings must get emergency aid when they so wish.

-New ways must be created to provide basic social services for people who cannot visit or stay in sick buildings. For people showing symptoms at schools and educational institutions, distance learning possibilities must be developed and telecommuting (telework) and re-education possibilities must be supported. Services should also be provided for people who cannot visit e.g. hospitals, health centers, libraries, agencies and shops.

-Construction and renovation of buildings must be treated with the seriousness required by them. Poor construction has serious social and human consequences. The worst buildings must be closed to prevent a greater number of people becoming exposed and sick. The resources and expertise of health inspectors must be increased. Studies must be conducted on why people fall seriously ill in buildings and the measures required must be taken. New construction materials and practices must be studied sufficiently before they are introduced. The principles of proper construction must be supervised and implemented on building sites. Residents, users of buildings and maintenance personnel must also be educated on how buildings will stay healthy.

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